“To Arms! To Arms! The British are coming!”
It is 1775, and the English, accompanied by their fierce Hessian comrades, are invading the colonies, demanding loyalty to King George III.

In the midst of this rich chapter in American history, we find one of the most unique, emotional, engrossing stories you will ever read! An intriguing page-turner that will immerse you in a world of romance steeped with history. Strength and Honor continues the tale of a headstrong, vivacious temptress and the man who is deeply in love with her, a personal scout to the one and only General George Washington. In spite of its historical underpinnings, Strength and Honor is a fresh look at romance, written with flair, a vivid and unforgettable story set against the backdrop of our very roots. This book will take you back to the days of George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and the rest of our founding fathers.

In this sensational tale of passion and an undeniable love that cannot be broken, Sashsa Nicole Lorraine Dupris Gray and Colonel Colton Tyler Gray continue their fight for independence alongside the Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, General George Washington. Danger lurks behind every shadow as the secret patriots of the spy ring provide vital correspondence to the Spymaster, who, against tremendous odds, manages to stay one step ahead of the pursuing British.

Meanwhile, as hordes of English intruders sweep the colonies, Ziva Isabella Dupris Gray fights relentlessly to keep her own independence from Scottish Captain Drake Cameron, who stirs her very soul. Will her consuming passion for him make her surrender her body in one fleeting moment of weakness?

Drake seeks Ziva out time and time again, displaying his devotion, only to be met with rejection. Still, no power on earth can force him to relinquish his exquisite treasure, for he knows that only she can unchain the tenderness in his heart. He vows to have her, for only Ziva can be his love, the one to cherish, to desire, and to carry off to uncontrollable passion.

Destiny brings the two together among the Rebel Blue Coats, Tory Green, and King George’s hated Red Coats to build yet another dynasty. Will strength and honor prevail for all, or will their passions get the better of them in the heat of battles galore?
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